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We love our 18th century creations!

Bob builds these Windsors individually using the same tools used by skilled master craftsman over 200 years ago.


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windsor sack back with extension

windsor continuous arm with carved knuckles

We will only ship inside of the United States.

Placing an order with Abel's Ohio Windsor Chairs:

We have found that it is better for you to contact us through E-Mail or by phone.  We would like to build the Windsor Chair, or Windsor furniture piece you will spend a lifetime loving.  The closer contact we have with you, will help us to make the chairs in the color, size, and style you desire.

We will keep in contact with you, through out the making of your order.  We will send you update pictures as your Windsor furniture is being created.  We want you to enjoy the wonderment as Bob, designs and builds your beautiful 18th century Windsor creation.


Prices do not include shipping.  However we will work with you closely on this as we know shipping freight can be costly.  We will shop around for the best shipping company.   In some cases we have been able to deliver the chairs ourselves.




Bob Abel

(740) 763-2810




windsor fan back carved ears and knuckles

Windsor chair antique collection

windsor comb back


Abel's Ohio Windsor Chairs!


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Abel's Ohio Windsor Chairs
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Abel's Ohio Windsor chairs 18th century creations copyright 2001.



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Resources for the maker and admirer
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Abel's Ohio Windsor Chairs
3417 Beal Road
Newark Ohio, 43056
( 740 ) 763-2810